Personal Training

I truly love working out with Jessica! She is tough and knows how to push you. EVERY workout is a challenge, different, and FUN! In the past few months, I have dropped 10 lbs and now I am into my pre pregnancy jeans. I have struggled for a long time!! It would have not been possible without Jessica.

Jessica also gives you real advice. It has stuck with me and I can see how I am slowly changing my habits. I’m definitely making better choices.

I continue to workout with Jessica and look forward to more progress!!
— Riddi B. - New York, NY
I found Jess through an ad she had posted in a local children’s clothing boutique - it caught my attention because as a new mom I was interested in finding a stroller fit class. I contacted her that night - she was very responsive, answering all questions I had - & that Thursday I attended my first class ! It was awesome being able to incorporate baby AND get a great workout. I must say the next day I was SORE! That says something. After a few stroller fit classes, I decided to take things to the next level & went to Jess for personal training. I’m SO (!!!!!) sad she is leaving NYC :( :( her training style has me hooked, she always gives modifications, challenges me, I don’t feel intimidated because after all we are both new moms, and best of all I feel super empowered that I’m able to accomplish what she gives me (who knew I was that strong?). I’ve done personal training previously - I often felt discouraged that I couldn’t do ALL of the burpees, squats, star jumps (the list goes on) - essentially I peaced out of those sessions after a few months. If Jess wasn’t moving I would totally be sticking around for more training. To all the future Toronto fitness lovers- I guarantee you will get a great workout (suited specifically for you & your level) + feel empowered. After all strong is the new skinny & sexy - right?!?
— Kristina F. - Queens, NY
I started working out with Jessica since February 2016. She is so professional, knowledgeable, and motivating. Each session is tailed for me; it is challenging yet completely attainable, and full of fun every time. The improvement in my body was almost immediate. Since working out with her, I have lost some 20 pounds and went down 4 sizes. I have become not only physically fitter but also more confident about my self-image, and happier and more energetic as a person. Jessica is simply the best!!!
— Zhangfan S. - New York, NY
Jess is just fantastic, she is friendly, warm and highly motivating. She keeps it fun but means business. There is no cutting corners, she watches your every move and tweaks it until you get it right. I enjoy training with her, and she gives you a ton of tips to help out with diet and exercise.
— Alka N. - New York, NY
Jess is an awesome trainer. She is incredibly motivated and her enthusiasm and passion for exercise and getting in shape is contagious. Particularly as a new mom, it was great training with someone who not only related but was educated on the best/safest ways to help me get in shape without doing anything dangerous. She’s great at varying the workouts to keep them fresh and interesting, and she will go above and beyond to work with any physical ailments / injuries and create workouts to accommodate. Overall, would highly recommend Jess to anyone, man, woman, etc— but particularly recommend for new moms.
— Jen M. - New York, NY
Jess is an awesome trainer! I started working out with her to get fit in time for my wedding and her workout plans and guidance made all the difference. I was able to shed over 30 pounds with her help. Not only that, but I felt stronger and stronger every time I worked with her. Her workouts are tough and so much fun. The workouts changed every time I saw her so I never knew what to expect and that kept things fresh. Sometimes we worked out outside without any equipment. Other times, we used equipment in ways I didn’t know was possible. I’ve learned so much from her and my experience at the gym will never be like it used to thanks to Jess.
— Preeth K. - New York, NY
I am not the exercising type. I found it boring and repetitious. That is until Jessica. She customized a program for me. A different routine every week. We built up at my pace my strength, balance, and endurance.
In addition I’m diabetic. I was able to lower my insulin intake!

My schedule is challenging. Jess was flexible and accommodating. Very important for me to be able to stick with a regimen.

When I had to have rotator cuff surgery she strengthened me prior to the operation and after worked with my physical therapy to get me back to work. My surgeon and therapists were amazed how quickly I bounced back.

Jess changed my ideas about fitness. I even looked forward to my workouts, I don’t even mind sweating anymore. Overall excellence. Can’t thank her enough.
— Scott S. - New York, NY
Jess is a great trainer. She personalized my workout and focused on different muscle groups each time. She was able to pick up my strengths and weaknesses and help me focus my body to work on building my core muscles. I saw a lot of change and growth in my body with increase in muscle and loss of fat. Jess is very flexible and accommodating in terms of my schedule. I would highly recommend her as a trainer.
— Anita P. - New York, NY
Jess is absolutely amazing to work with! I recommend her to all my friends in the area and even my nutrition clients. Contact her! You won’t regret it 😊.
— Tina C. - New York, NY
I trained with Jess last year and I can say without a doubt that she is one of the best trainer I worked with. She tailored made a program for me and pushed me hard to achieve my goals. I learned a lot with her.
— Greg F. - New York, NY
Jessica is very professional and was integral in helping me to meet my fitness goals. She always showed up on time and was a great motivator during all my sessions. She varied the workouts so they remained fun and engaging and most importantly got great results. I really liked that she designed a fitness plan so that I could work out between sessions with her which helped me become more comfortable at the gym. The best workouts were always with her though and if she was able to help a couch potato like me then I promise she will be able to help you too.
— J. Sheldon - New York, NY
Jess has been so fun to workout with. I have always been self conscious at the gym and about my athletic skills, but Jess has made me feel totally comfortable. For the first time, I look forward to my workouts! She mixes up the routine each week so you don’t get bored or lax. It has been a month and I am already noticing results and feel way more confident at the gym. Jess has an upbeat personality to keep you motivated and is good at demonstrating and explaining form as well as explaining what muscle groups we are working. I can’t way to see what Jess helps me accomplish over the next few months!!
— Charlotte Bryon-Brown - New York, NY
I’ve always had issues with my self image and I quickly get bored with my work outs. When I contacted Jessica for a session, I was a little nervous because my experiences with trainers had not been successful. I always felt like the workouts weren’t challenging me and giving me the results I wanted. But as soon as I came into the studio, Jessica let me know that the session was about me and tailoring a work out that would not only challenge me but keep me interested. I also voiced my goals to lose weight and she shared her her own personal story. She made sure I realized that I can reach my goals Just like she did. But she made sure that I realized it won’t happen over night and I had to really commit to making life changes. She’s not only a great trainer but your own motivational cheerleader. She wants you to succeed and will help you in anyway she can!
— Lauren Young - New York, NY
After more than 3 months working together (amazing how time flies), I just wanted to write and say that I have enjoyed working with you tremendously. As you know, I hadn’t worked out in any real sense for years before I started training with you, and it has been wonderfully gratifying to see results so quickly – strength, endurance, flexibility, etc. You are always incredibly upbeat and have made our sessions something to look forward to rather than dread (even if I maybe suffering through some of our circuits!). I appreciate your constant support and feedback, clear instruction, and flexibility. I value our sessions greatly and look forward to pushing myself, with your help, for quite some time to come. Thank you.
— Rashad Wareh - New York, NY
As soon as I got engaged, I made it my mission to find myself a personal trainer. I’ve been working with Jess for 6 months and she has been nothing short of amazing. She comes to my apt for sessions, which is super convenient. We don’t use a ton of equipment and I’ve seen great results. Her approach is tough, yet encouraging. She is sweet and supportive. She has a great way of boosting self confidence. She is flexible with scheduling…. I could go on and on. She rocks. Workout with her.
— Andrea B. - New York, NY
I hated going to the gym and knew I needed a “motivator” to improve my health, but was apprehensive about working with a trainer. Overweight and middle-aged my body was already yelling NO. That is where Jessica comes in, she has been professional and caring from day one. She tailored programs that challenged me and targeted my specific needs. I have seen wonderful results in both my strength and balance, and would highly recommend her, no matter what level of training is required. Thanks Jess!
— Kimberly S. - New York, NY

Fit Mom

I always loved Workouts with Jess, she made it easy to work out even when you had a small child running around! I started off in her stroller class and when the weather turned cooler we moved inside and had just as good a time, albeit in a smaller space. Workouts were always tough but manageable, and she was very knowledgeable and attentive if you needed an alternate move or had an injury, etc. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get in shape!
— Piper O. - New York, NY
As a full time working mom, it can be incredibly difficulty to fit your works outs into your schedule. However, with Jess’s workouts I make the time! They are focused, engaging- often times doing pair workout drills, challenging and so much fun! The hour long class flies by and I immediately feel energized to tackle my day! It’s so great to be able to connect with other women who are on the same healthy lifestyle journey! Thanks for the awesome workouts seasons, Jess!
— Jamie F. - New York, NY
As an athlete, I had always been able to depend on my regular routine to stay in shape. That wasn’t an option postpartum and I was lost. My body was so different after giving birth that I didn’t really know where to start when it came to exercising. Jess has helped me get a great workout at every stage of my recovery. She is really in tune with what each person is going through and builds a great class accordingly.
— Rachel L. - New York, NY
Stroller Fit has helped me to get back into shape after my son was born. Jess clearly works hard to plan her workouts (targeting different muscles, using different techniques and changing up the workout music each time), to make sure that each workout is different from the last, which helps to keep me motivated and excited to attend a workout. Most importantly, the atmosphere at each workout is welcoming for both baby and me. This is the only class that I feel comfortable bringing a (potentially) crying baby along with me, and the Stroller Fit classes allow me to bring my baby, take a break to nurse or calm the baby when I need to, and then keep on going in the workout without stressing that I was ruining someone else’s workout. I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in without Jess and Stroller Fit!
— Mary D. - New York, NY
I love Jessica’s stroller fit classes! As a mom it is so hard to find the time to work out. It’s so great to work out with other moms, outside and with your baby. Our babies seem very entertained watching us lunge, Squat and sweat our way back into shape. The music she plays is great and The workout is challenging but not scary.
— Danielle Y. - New York, NY
Working out with Jess is the perfect way to get back in shape postpartum! I’ve taken her Stroller Fit classes and the boot camp style new mom workouts—both were in tune with the physical challenges of being a new mom, but also provided an awesome workout. I always feel like I accomplished something after Jess’ classes and I’m definitely seeing results.
— Julie S. - New York, NY
I started the Stroller Fit class with Jess at 5 weeks postpartum, a week after being cleared from my doctor, and my daughter is now 6 months old. The class is easily accessible to moms at all stages due to Jessica’s modifications and knowledge of postpartum fitness. I have felt a huge improvement in my fitness level and am much stronger than I was when I started. Jess really coaches you through the postpartum body’s ever changing needs and helps you get back to pre-pregnancy shape.
— Ann K. - New York, NY
My classes with Jess were awesome! Even though I was part of a group class I knew I had her attention. She made sure to help me modify parts of the workout for my fitness level so I was working my hardest even if that meant I was doing something slightly different from the rest of the group. More than anything I appreciated her constant support and motivation to keep me going at all times.
— Jessica R. - New York, NY
I’ve always worked out on my own, but love taking Jess’ classes for the environment and energy! She always has great modifications for all fitness levels that take into consideration post-partum constraints. Always a great time and a great workout!
— Kelly R. - New York, NY
I’ve been working out with Jess sporadically for the past 2+ years and have loved it! Workouts with her are never boring and she always provides variety, so every class feels different. She has knowledge across a variety of workout styles so caters a workout to the needs of her clients. She has a positive attitude and makes you feel comfortable. No matter what your ability level. Her *Stroller Fit* classes are an absolute MUST for new moms in the neighborhood. It’s a great way to meet new moms and chat about our favorite mommy topics in a safe environment. I have not had the privilege of doing on-on-one training with Jess but her group classes are amazing!
— Joanna L. - New York, NY