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  • “I truly love working out with Jessica! She is tough and knows how to push you. EVERY workout is a challenge, different, and FUN! In the past few months, I have dropped 10 lbs and now I am into my pre pregnancy jeans. I have struggled for a long time!! It would have not been possible without Jessica. Jessica also gives you real advice. It has stuck with me and I can see how I am slowly changing my habits. I'm definitely making better choices. I continue to workout with Jessica and look forward to more progress!!”
    — Riddi B.
  • “She is so professional, knowledgeable, and motivating. Each session is tailed for me; it is challenging yet completely attainable, and full of fun every time. The improvement in my body was almost immediate. Since working out with her, I have lost some 20 pounds and went down 4 sizes. I have become not only physically fitter but also more confident about my self-image, and happier and more energetic as a person. Jessica is simply the best!!!”
    — Zhangfan S.
  • “ I hated going to the gym and knew I needed a “motivator” to improve my health, but was apprehensive about working with a trainer. Overweight and middle-aged my body was already yelling NO. That is where Jessica comes in, she has been professional and caring from day one. She tailored programs that challenged me and targeted my specific needs. I have seen wonderful results in both my strength and balance, and would highly recommend her, no matter what level of training is required. Thanks Jess!”
    — Kimberly S.
  • “Jess is just fantastic, she is friendly, warm and highly motivating. She keeps it fun but means business. There is no cutting corners, she watches your every move and tweaks it until you get it right. I enjoy training with her, and she gives you a ton of tips to help out with diet and exercise.”
    — Alka N.

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