FIT.MOM.TO is happening all over Midtown Toronto!  

Scroll down to find out all the info and find a class that fits your schedule!!

“FIT.MOM.TO” is a workout that focuses more on MOM getting back into pre-baby shape and feeling great about herself while bonding with her little one. Get back into the swing of things with a mix up of resistance, cardiovascular intervals, CORE strengthening (very important for new moms) and stretching.  Our little ones will be part of fun as we build strength, endurance and burn major calories! That’s right, you will definitely sweat in this class…Great music and the positive energy will guarantee that you leave feeling amazing (even if your little one kept you up the night before) All fitness abilities welcome! Jessica will guide you through a challenging and effective workout that is safe for all new moms.  Recommended for MOMS with little ones 6 weeks up to 12 months.  IMPORTANT: Please make sure you are cleared for exercise by your doctor BEFORE starting any program. Naps (for the babies…) are permitted. Bring your carrier, we will use our little ones as ‘baby weight’ for the first portion of the workout. 


NIGHT MOVES: an after bedtime bootcamp!

You asked for it. It's happening!! We mix it up and do it all!! Treadmills, Dumbells, TRX, HIIT and more!! No two classes are the same! - What a great way to end your day by sweating it out!  Great music, great company and a great workout! All levels welcome! I'm running this class on a week by week basis depending on attendance. 

WHEN: WEDNesdays at 8pm - Put your kids to bed and then come sweat it out!

WHERE: CORE STUDIO - 446 SPADINA rd - Suite 204

COST: $20 Cash at the door, $22 e transfer

Special: Bring a friend and it's $15 for both of you!!

Contact me if you have any questions about this new class.  Fill out the form below to be added to private email list about this class OR to reserve your spot in the upcoming class. Hope to hear from you soon! - Jess

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As we come to the end of my 2nd summer season in Toronto, I want to thank all the AMAZING MAMAS who came and killed it in STROLLER STRONG all summer! I’m super proud and inspired by each and every one of you!!! With a new little one, I know that just getting out of the house can be a challenge. We only have 2 weeks left and drop in is still available!

Reminder: Make up classes or refunds will not be offered after the last class at the Cedarvale Location (October 26th). If you have classes to make up, email me and let me know when you are coming!

AND…..BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…………..this class is not actually ending!!

Just changing locations…. I’m excited to finally announce that I’m teaming up with CROSSFIT METRIC and to offer an amazing MOM & BABY FITNESS CLASS. All new equipment, set up and structure BUT same great class that is completely safe for POSTPARTUM MAMAS! Wanna try it out?



TUESDAYS @ 11:30am

Crossfit Metric - 756 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT: Fill out the form below and press submit. You will receive an email from Jess within 24 hours confirming your spot in the class. Only 12 spots available. They will go fast.

After NOVEMBER 6th all sign ups, payment and admin issues will be handled by CROSSFIT METRIC. You may purchase drop in classes, 4 or 8 class packs. The more you buy, the more you save. Click on the 7 day Free Trial Button to access the schedule and payment page.

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If for any reason I cannot attend the TRIAL CLASS on Nov. 6th, I will contact Jess so that someone else may take my spot.

I’m super excited! Hope to see you all there! - Jess



MONDAYS, Wednesdays at 11:00am

TRACK FITNESS - 328 Lonsdale Rd


 Single classes and packages are available on the TRACK WEBSITE.

This is not your average "MOM & BABY" Workout.  Suitable for all fitness levels but also for those mamas who want to take it up a notch!! We are going to mix it up with Resistance Training, High Intensity Intervals, Core Strengthening, Running/Walking on the Treadmill and more!  Our little ones will be part of the fun as we build strength, endurance and burn major calories! Great music and the positive energy will guarantee that you leave feeling amazing. NOTE: Babies are 6 weeks up to 12 months approx. Optional: For the first part of the workout, babies can be worn in carriers.

This is a 50-55 min class that keeps the intensity up for the whole workout! For those serious about their fitness, this one's for you!


If you haven't already, sign up for WORKOUT WITH JESS newsletter to get up to date info about class times and registration.  You don't want to miss out!  Check back here in the next few days to get info on the FREE POP UP CLASSES happening in April.


Fit Mom Testimonials

I’ve been working out with Jess sporadically for the past 2+ years and have loved it! Workouts with her are never boring and she always provides variety, so every class feels different. She has knowledge across a variety of workout styles so caters a workout to the needs of her clients. She has a positive attitude and makes you feel comfortable. No matter what your ability level. Her *Stroller Fit* classes are an absolute MUST for new moms in the neighborhood. It’s a great way to meet new moms and chat about our favorite mommy topics in a safe environment. I have not had the privilege of doing on-on-one training with Jess but her group classes are amazing!
— Joanna L.
I always loved Workouts with Jess, she made it easy to work out even when you had a small child running around! I started off in her stroller class and when the weather turned cooler we moved inside and had just as good a time, albeit in a smaller space. Workouts were always tough but manageable, and she was very knowledgeable and attentive if you needed an alternate move or had an injury, etc. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get in shape!
— Piper O.
As a full time working mom, it can be incredibly difficulty to fit your works outs into your schedule. However, with Jess’s workouts I make the time! They are focused, engaging- often times doing pair workout drills, challenging and so much fun! The hour long class flies by and I immediately feel energized to tackle my day! It’s so great to be able to connect with other women who are on the same healthy lifestyle journey! Thanks for the awesome workouts seasons, Jess!
— Jamie F.
As an athlete, I had always been able to depend on my regular routine to stay in shape. That wasn’t an option postpartum and I was lost. My body was so different after giving birth that I didn’t really know where to start when it came to exercising. Jess has helped me get a great workout at every stage of my recovery. She is really in tune with what each person is going through and builds a great class accordingly.
— Rachel L.
Stroller Fit has helped me to get back into shape after my son was born. Jess clearly works hard to plan her workouts (targeting different muscles, using different techniques and changing up the workout music each time), to make sure that each workout is different from the last, which helps to keep me motivated and excited to attend a workout. Most importantly, the atmosphere at each workout is welcoming for both baby and me. This is the only class that I feel comfortable bringing a (potentially) crying baby along with me, and the Stroller Fit classes allow me to bring my baby, take a break to nurse or calm the baby when I need to, and then keep on going in the workout without stressing that I was ruining someone else’s workout. I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in without Jess and Stroller Fit!
— Mary D.
I love Jessica’s stroller fit classes! As a mom it is so hard to find the time to work out. It’s so great to work out with other moms, outside and with your baby. Our babies seem very entertained watching us lunge, Squat and sweat our way back into shape. The music she plays is great and The workout is challenging but not scary.
— Danielle Y.
Working out with Jess is the perfect way to get back in shape postpartum! I’ve taken her Stroller Fit classes and the boot camp style new mom workouts—both were in tune with the physical challenges of being a new mom, but also provided an awesome workout. I always feel like I accomplished something after Jess’ classes and I’m definitely seeing results.
— Julie S.
I started the Stroller Fit class with Jess at 5 weeks postpartum, a week after being cleared from my doctor, and my daughter is now 6 months old. The class is easily accessible to moms at all stages due to Jessica’s modifications and knowledge of postpartum fitness. I have felt a huge improvement in my fitness level and am much stronger than I was when I started. Jess really coaches you through the postpartum body’s ever changing needs and helps you get back to pre-pregnancy shape.
— Ann K.
My classes with Jess were awesome! Even though I was part of a group class I knew I had her attention. She made sure to help me modify parts of the workout for my fitness level so I was working my hardest even if that meant I was doing something slightly different from the rest of the group. More than anything I appreciated her constant support and motivation to keep me going at all times.
— Jessica R.
I’ve always worked out on my own, but love taking Jess’ classes for the environment and energy! She always has great modifications for all fitness levels that take into consideration post-partum constraints. Always a great time and a great workout!
— Kelly R.