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Hey Everyone!!  WELCOME TO MY FIRST POST! Very exciting!!  I would like to continue this journey into the world of social media and endeavor to set myself apart from the thousands of fitness professionals claiming to have all the answers to getting thin, being happy, loving life and whatever else you may be looking for.  I'll be the first to say that I do not and will not have all the answers to everything.  I want to use this platform to share my own experience, start discussions and perhaps just maybe, inspire others along the way.  Let's talk about it all!! Fitness, Motherhood, Family, Food and anything more you want to hear about!!

I know exactly what issue I want to address first!! Let’s chat about the fact that I just posted a pic of me looking like I’m 4 months pregnant. I’m not!! With all the fitness info and media out there, it hard not to get lost in all the hype and the 'presentation' of it all.  The more I click around, read posts, research bloggers,  the more I find out that these accounts, pics, transformation photos and results are presented in a way that makes them either incredibly unrealistic OR air brushed, filtered or altered in some way.

Hey I do it too. A nice filter can fix the bags under my eyes, no problem. (That’s mainly why I do it). ❤️💤Let's do something different.   I want to show you that this transformation only took 5 secs. I’m simply stood up straight and engaged my abdominals. Not sucked in...but engaged. I can still breath in the 2nd photo. There is a big difference right?

Why would I ever post a pic of my sticking my belly out? Why would anyone?  🤪 I’m trying to add something real into this social media rabbit hole of superficial bullshit. There I said it. I don’t even have a super ripped 8 pack. (I love chocolate too much for that) I have a flat, defined tummy that I’m super proud of after having a C section, 7 pelvic surgeries and a small Diastisis. I work f*%&king hard for everything I’ve done. I may not be perfect but I’m here, figuring it out like everyone else. The transformation in the photos is superficial...and I did even need fancy cameras or photo shop to do it.  We are always hearing that we should focus on the inner beauty, not the outer beauty. SO WHY IS NO ONE DOING THIS!!!!!  And even if you are, are you being taken seriously without posing in teeny tiny workout cloths with your ass to the camera?

Let's look deeper than this.  Confidence can be the most dramatic transformation of all. Try looking in the mirror and saying ‘I’m confident because....” instead of “I need to fix...”. Let's transform the inside first.  Because as we all know, a transformation photo is really only just that. A photo...you can make one in 5sec if you want. 

A photo can’t live, breath, or love. And most importantly, it can’t self love either.  I definitely try to keep this in mind as I wander the fitness accounts of instagram. Are they hiding behind their photo? Or do they have confidence to back it up.  

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