I haven’t always been in good shape, but over time have learned a successful way to overcome obstacles and achieve my fitness goals. This makes me empathetic to beginners, those with weight struggles and those who want push through their own barriers and challenge themselves in a proactive way. 

I understand that every client I train comes into a program with their own unique ‘struggles’ and body issues. I am driven and passionate about helping others make positive changes in their own lives.

My sessions are HARD WORK but I always take the time to stretch, massage and relax the muscles so range of motion can increase and tension and tightness can decrease. You’ll leave feeling amazing, having conquered the workout and now ready to conquer the day ahead. Working out should be something you look forward to, I certainly do.

Fitness is a passion for me and I have years of experience training private clients and teaching a variety of fitness classes. I have developed my own ‘FIT MOM’ brand of workouts where I help new moms build confidence and bond with their little ones through exercise. After 10 years living in New York City and building a successful training business, I am ready to start a new chapter in my life: TORONTO!! I’m excited to dive into the fitness landscape in this truly unique city, roll up my sleeves and get to work!


- Jess    

Jessica is Certified by the National Council for Personal Trainers, Certified Professional Trainer's Network, is an OH BABY Fitness Instructor, Julie Wiebe's Piston Science Program,  and is a recent graduate of 'BULLETPROOF YOUR CORE" course for athletes.